Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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Top picture: Front and back covers of journal when closed
Second picture: September page and "inside cover" of journal
Third picture: October and November pages

While cleaning out my closets for my rummage sale, I ran across these pieces. I had submitted them to Somerset Seasons magazine for one of their themed-submission invitations.

These items were rejected by SS and returned to me. I was devastated. As much as I admired the magazine, I never submitted an entry to them again. What hurt the most is not the rejection but the reason for the rejection: that my entries did not fit their theme. The theme: Autumn in Tuscany. Now, I ask you, why do these not fit the theme? I'm not saying my entries were any good, but they were created especially to fit the theme, and I think in that respect I followed through.

I was especially ticked that some of the entries they published in that issue had themes which had nothing to do with Autumn in Tuscany (Native American, for example).

For the accordion book - The Travel Journal of Millicent Mowbray - I created a tryptich on the front and back sides for six pages total. For the September and October pages, I show a turn-of-the-century lady on her grand tour of Italy in Autumn 1912. On the December page, I show her back at home, writing her memories and creating her scrapbook.

(sorry, I cut off the top border in the scan)

For this picture, Autumn in the Vineyard, I created a vignette of grapes, sunflowers, cypress trees, a lady in a hat with sunflowers and a table a deux with vino. Is that not quintessential Autumn in Tuscany?

My third entry was the Italian Fever collage I have already posted on this blog. Okay, maybe this one is a stretch, but it does feature autumn colors, fall leaves and nuts, and harvested figs, pears and grapes.