Friday, March 28, 2008


Top: "Spring Clean for the May Queen" altered book double page, left side.
Bottom: "Spring Clean for the May Queen" altered book double page, right side.
I mentioned in my previous post that I consider "Stairway to Heaven" to be the best rock song ever. Why then, should I not create at least two double ages in honor of the song? What I love so much about "Stairway" is that it is at least three or four songs in one. It starts very slowly, almost as an English folk ballad. By the end, it's as head-banging as a rock 'n roll song can get.
In these pages, I tried to capture the mystical, whimsical side of the song, in which the fairies/fae/wee folk have a spring cleaning in the forest for the "May Queen", or the Queen of Beltaine (May 1, the beginning of spring for the Celts).
I love that there there is a bit of threat in the song: "If there is a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now." Is it just a hedgehog or hare? (I'm going with English imagery here, in honor of the members of Led Zeppelin.) Or will the Queen of the Fae, as legend goes, freeze you in her glance and cart you away to fairyland forever?
I love the little winged girl. I can just imagine her tinkling laughter as she secretly flits among the trees. Did you really hear her, or is it just bird song?
The foxgloves are from a greeting card I received years ago - a great way to recycle it, I think. As with the other "Stairway" pages, I will probably obscure more of the background and tone down the paper the verses are printed on.
NOTE ADDED LATER: I went back and obscured the background and verse borders with lavender acrylic paint.


. said...

I love this one very very much!!!
the faces, very mythical!
I can't wait to see the real thing.
Muy bien Julie!

lila said...

I'll have to go read the words to the song!

kim said...

I love this one! Ahhhh, Stairway to Heaven.....

Bimbimbie said...

Great song*!* Loved your pages *!*