Friday, March 28, 2008


Top Photo: "Stairway to Heaven" altered book double page - left side.
Bottom Photo: "Stairway to Heaven" altered book double page - right side
Honestly, I really did not set out to have most of the pages in my altered book be based on song lyrics. It just turned out that way. This is the third song in the book, "Stairway to Heaven". Performed by Led Zeppelin, it's the best rock song ever, in my opinion.
Here, I have left a lot of the words of the original book showing, but that may change before I send it out to the next round robin participant. I am also not thrilled with the stark whiteness of the paper behind the lettering. I may "subdue" it a bit by rubbing some rubber stamp ink across the lettering.
I re-worked these pages many times until I was ultimately (somewhat) satisfied with them. They started out as pages in my visual journal. In fact, I have re-worked and re-worked them to the point of hopelessly damaging one of the original images.
I wanted my emphasis here to be on a type of woman who is, I believe, the antithesis of me. I am definitely not a person who thinks she can always get "what she came for", and I am not a material girl. My message to her is subtle, but there: "Your stairway lies on the whispering wind."
It's funny what you see after the fact. After I scanned and posted the left page, I could see that the "Dear Lady" phrase was crooked. This really bugged me, so I went back and re-did it.
NOTE ADDED LATER: I went back and altered the lettering with "Vanilla Bean" Vintage-brand ink (looks golden). I am very pleased with the results.


. said...

I giggle with your explanation and love it two

lila said...

I love the images on these pages!
You are experiencing, via the scanning and posting, something which always helps me to fine tune my paintings and collages...that is viewing them on the computer screen (or in a mirror sometimes) enables us to really see our work with fresh eyes (beginner's mind in Zen)!