Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Top: Left Page (There is no piece
of paper on the plant - scanning error!)
Bottom: Right Page

These are my first efforts in the altered book realm. I wrote a post a few days ago in my regular blog on the subject of Leonard Cohen's song, "Suzanne." Here is the artistic representation of the emotions the song stirs in me.

I wanted to give it a very boho feel, both with interior and exterior scenes. I featured six women, all of whom are facets of Suzanne, who, is believe, is a part of every woman. I used acrylic paints, magazine clippings, computer printouts and, a Post-It note. I realized there was too much blue so I brought in green at the end.


Anonymous said...

You are very talented. I know that song. I love Leonard Cohen. I hope you join the blog-a-thon and post a picture of your tea cup. I would like to see it.

Bimbimbie said...

Julie You are giving me the itch to give paints a try *!* I like what you are achieving

lila said...

I think you defintiely captured the song...add a photo of your young self as one of the Suzannes...you can put it on a hanging "shipping label-type" insert, tied in with a ribbon...

Mermaid said...

I LOVE that song!
I love him!
Have you seen the latest documentary on him? he rocks!!!

hugs to you!
wonderful work!